The Art of Facilitation

Facilitators are specialists for meaningful dialogues and processes that support systems purposefully across common definitions. In the international context, the concept of facilitation is a support that is moves between training, facilitation, process support and systemic organizational consulting. Depending on the requirements of the situation, the facilitator takes different roles to fit and capable of coupling to accelerate the development of the system.

This flexibility is the high art of facilitation of development processes and goes beyond the common image of the moderator as a conversation supporter and guide by far. As a facilitator, I work not only for managers and organizations, but stand at their side to achieve the desired goals.

Facilitation requires a high degree of inner clarity, courage and an affirmative attitude: The inner clarity to be aware of the own influence and limitation in supporting the system; the courage to point the group to dealing with even the unpleasant issues and to be able to improvise in difficult situations; an affirmative attitude to explorer in each reaction and each change of plan the possibilities of development.