• Systemic Consultant, Change Facilitator, Coach
  • Since 1998 working in consulting and facilitation
  • Consulting Languages: German, English, Spanish

Education & Training

I combine the pragmatism and solution orientated nature of my engineering education with state-of-the art leadership and organisational development techniques. Serving clients as a consultant, agent of change and executive coach I add value to multinational organisations, as well with my deep insights of diverse European cultures.

After finishing my formal education in 1998 I held various consulting positions within multinational companies. Topics evolved from partnership models in the construction industry via Global Knowledge Management & Internet Strategies towards Innovation Management.

My focus has evolved to supporting people & organizations in (r)evolutionary change processes, which I am pursuing since 2004 as a change agent. My professional development includes formal training in

  • Communication Excellence (Prof. Christian Rainer Weisbach, 2002),
  • Presencing / Theory U (C.O. Scharmer, 2004),
  • Systemic Consulting (Fritz B. Simon, 2007/2008),
  • Worldwork (Max Schupbach, 2009/10/11)

I am certified in the Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP/MBTI) and accredited for the SML-Program (Self Managing Leadership) of the Oxford Leadership Academy. As business and systemic coach I am certified by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

Working Style

Following my purpose of “Setting in motion” I deliberately integrate different concepts and experiences in order to add new perspectives and behavioral approaches to the client’s world. Intuitive methods complete the structured processes I apply in identifying a solution with the best fit to the client’s needs.

As a long term student of Sifu Ma Jiang Bao and certified martial arts teacher (Wu Tai Chi Chuan) I focus on inner strength and maturity as the basis for high performance and agility. In the right context I integrate the philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan conceptually or literally into my work. This way I help re-enabling communication to be meaningful, interactions to be mutually beneficial and actions to be focused.