Change Consulting

Dealing with change has become a daily challenge for leaders of today. Whether position changes, strategy changes, mergers or reorganizations, change is omnipresent. A professional approach to deal with change topics and an active role as change manager in the own environment is expected by the companies.

As change consultant I support leaders and organizations in bringing structure and process orientation in the project and setting the organization in motion through differentiated involvement.

Along the four key areas of action strategy – structure – processes – culture the system and the project will be jointly analyzed and deduced what interventions and formats support the change best.

These findings are converted into a change roadmap, which defines the basic direction for the project and the executives involved. From this roadmap and the previously defined objectives a communication plan is derived that creates orientation for the key leaders with respect to their role and contribution.

During implementation the roadmap will be situationally adapted, based on the reactions and feedback of the organization. The guiding principle for the implementation is a transparent and honest dealing with all reactions so that affected employees can be turned into involved employees.

The implementation I then support as well in the role of the facilitator. More information can be found here!