Leadership Coaching

Sovereignty in thought and action is the distinguishing feature for executives who have arrived in their role and challenges. In line with their values, strengths and limitations they passionately contribute to success.

With a solution-oriented coaching the sovereignty can be supported and developed. It is not always everything is as it seems and with the help of the neutral position of the coach beliefs and the interpretation of a situation can be challenged.

A successful coaching process leads to greater self-awareness, an altered experience of the environment and to more possibilities for action, which will be recognizable at the level of personality, relationships and interactions. This allows the coachee to operate more flexible and successful at work or at home, realizing the own potentially more fully.

Based on my experience, I specialize in the following topics:

  • Personal Leadership & Influence
  • Energy and Focus in life / at work
  • “Personal Branding” to enhance career development
  • Dealing with changes & conflicts