I have deep sense of trust in the positive nature and intentions of human beings. If people better identify their own inner direction and live accordingly, working together and communicating with each other will be easier and mutually beneficial.

My view on people is mainly build from the systemic constructivism and the concepts of humanistic psychology:

  • People are the best experts for themselves, their problems and solutions.
  • Each view is subjective and each person has its own style of being. Each person has its view on the world, based on experiences, personality and environment. Within their view on the world people select always the best possible option, with the best intentions.
  • The positive worth of the individual stays constant but the congruence of his behavior may be questioned, depending on the interpretation of the situation.
  • Appreciation and respect are the denominators for successful development.
  • If something does not work, do something else.
  • There is nothing like a mistake. All is Feedback.