I am glad that I had and still have very good teachers that constantly challenge and support me in my development. Their view on the mechanisms of people, organizations and the society were enlightening and contributed much to the way I am and act today.

Ma Jiang Bao

Ma Jiang Bao (born 1941) is a well known teacher of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. He is the third son of Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang. In 1986 he came with is father Ma Yueh-liang to Europe to teach Wu style. Ma Jiang Bao stayed and lives now in Rotterdam. He and his students are teaching in many countries, in Europe as well as in South Africa and Japan.
Watching Sifu Ma is amazing. He is centered and agile while combining strength and sensitivity to be maximum extend. Through his teachings, the Tai Chi practice and the effects on my own way of thinking and being I discovered the body as additional learning channel for authenticity, the power of repetition in incorporating insights and a metaphor for being strong and sensitive at the same time.

Dr. Ron Lacoste

Ron was my first teacher and mentor in respect to facilitation and leadership development. Using his different experiences he showed me the value of intuition in supporting people and groups to develop. He role-modeled the way of deeply relating to and challenging of the participants to go beyond the cognitive edges.  Ron introduced me to the “Theory U” approach from Otto Scharmer that today builds the basis for my work.

Dr. Max Schupbach

Max Schupbach, Ph.D. is a Certified Processwork Diplomate and an internationally acclaimed trainer and facilitator. Together with Arny and Amy Mindell, he is part of the original group that founded Process Work. He is president of maxfxx, a consulting group working worldwide with organizations and as well President and seminar leader for the Deep Democracy Institute.
Max has, among others, facilitated community building with Croatian and Serbian members in refugees camps during the Yugoslavian war, and relationships between prison inmates, correctional personnel, and prison administrators in high security prison settings.

Max is a master is sensing the roles and positions in a group that are not being talked. He then brings them into the communication of the group, supports the processing and thereby enables to group to reach the next level of interaction quality. With his teachings and by his own action he inspired me to do a deep dive in conflict transformation and delivered an approach that enables me today to support the organizations and groups more effectively. www.deepdemocracyinstitute.org